Pornstar Martini

For all you sexy ladies

Vanilla Vodka, Vanilla syrup, passion fruit juice, fresh passion fruit


When Brazil meets Russia

Vodka, lime & sugar

White Russian

A strong creamy drink mixed with a delicious coffee flavor

Grey Goose, Kahlua & cream

Razz Mojito

When a mojito is just too simple for you

Bacardi Razz, Soda, mint, lime & sugar syrup


The delicious taste of strawberry cheesecake

Bols Yogurt, Bols Strawberry & lime juice


No introduction needed…

Bacardi, Soda, Mint, Lime & Sugar syrup

Fruit of groente Smoothie

verkrijgbaar in de smaken aardbei – banaan – ananas – mango - frambozen

5,50 euro per smoothie (minimale afname 100 stuks)

Ice Cappuccino

5,50 euro per smoothie

(minimale afname 100 stuks)

Cocktail Smoothie

pina colada – baileys – bosbessen gin tonic

8,50 euro per smoothie (minimale afname 100 stuks)


Lime, sugar syrup & cachaca

Amaretto Sour

Amaretto, lime, eggwhite (Sugar Syrup)

(Diverse varianten zoals de 43 Sour of Whiskey Sour ook mogelijk)